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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

New Mass Start Concept

Norges playing around with loops and forests park maps, looks like

Kauri Run was good, don't know how the hillbillys went

Penny was the star of the day finishing 3rd, despite a lack of long hill training...she also carried two very bruised looking bananas the entire way! Kauri run was good. Dazza wasted those of us that started with James, Jamie and Neil struggling along behind in that order (just) Photo is of James at our lovely bach for the weekend, Waitete Bay, remember that name There was some o event on down south.

Squad November Email

Yo, Hope everyones good, this is going out to NOS, D Squad and HP List, Just a few random topics please read through: Labour Weekend: Good times in the Hawkes Bay, and good to catch up with heaps of you. Maps now up on Route Gadget, so maybe time to revisit, draw your route in and think about it a bit more :-) South Island Champs: This weekend, good skills to all going, great fun maps should be a blast. Would really appreciate a write up for Endurance Sport Mag complete with photos (deadline 28th Nov). This mag is real good and has done heaps to promote orienteering....say yes, me, I can do that, and give me an email! Otherwise Carsten could you put something together (I'll email you if someone volunteers to write something up) Kauri Run: And see a lot of the rest of you in the Coromandel where a great deal of suffering is going to be done. Adventure Taupo: For those of you who don't know I'm organising an Adventure Race in Taupo on 15/16th Dec. Would really appreciate anyone who might like to come along and help out and do some training and experience something different. Theres a few lovely orienteering maps to train on and collect some controls :-), all remaining roles involve some solid physical exercise in cool places, mainly tail end charlies. I would be eternally grateful and can meet your expenses. Pre Waitangi Training Camp: Have a request from the Aussies to organise a training camp in the week before waitangi 28 Jan - 1st Feb in Manawatu. I would be keen to get behind this and do some organisation if there was a significant yolk of NOS and a lovely meniscus of youse others to justify it. Please register your interest (I'm not really interested in lack of) with me by Tuesday the 20th November 2007, 8pm and we'll see if its a goer. Waitangi: Simon and Greg and others have been busy little bees getting this organised....and its looking awesome! Entries are now open, so go hard. The have organised some group accomodation for Sun night through to .....some other night, book it or miss out. Back to Endurance Sport Mag, I would love the other half of our contribution this issue to be a waitangi preview...covering the philosophy of the event, the organisation, the oucomes, Heli & Tero, encouraging the dynamic junior scene or whatever the hell you want to write about, if you volunteer to write it :-)....again let me know if you are keen. WOC Trials: Forget the exact date for the WOC nominations to be in...if its not past you have till the closing date to register to be in to win the trip of a lifetime for which you must shed much sweat and blood and pay for yourself. Other Squad Stuff: Got a big ugly list of stuff I should be doing will hopefully be actioning at least half of it half as quickly as a halfwit in more than half an hours time. If you're down and troubled and you need a helping hand and nothing, nothing is going right: just call out my name and you know wherever I am I'll come running to see you again, winter, spring, summer or fall all you've got to do is call... Cher Jamie ps: thanks for the SI, Jeni and the pstars, I'm going to use it to smash Ross :-)