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Monday, 24 November 2008

Elite Rankings Out.

Hey people, Greg has compilated the year end ranking lists again, thanks Greg awesome!

Big winners Karl and Thomas in the mens (I'll ignore the statistical anomaly of the Fornicator), with Lizzie the real star in the womens topping the rankings for the first time, closely followed by Greta. Will be awesome to see the rivalry between you two develop over the next few years! Makes me excited about the womens elite at Oceania, the young flyers facing up to the more experienced racers with particularly Tania and Penny returning after missing some big races!

See the womens here, and mens here.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Carstens latest email

Hi There All the Squad Stars!

Hope you're all good and training well and enjoying the nice warm weather that has been hanging around lately. This is a very short version of the normal emails I send out.

INOV8 First thing is INOV8 orders are received until and including Friday the 21st of Nov for handover at Oceania. $90.00 was the price for a pair last time and I believe it still is. Here's the link for the INOV8 homepage: - I'll need to know your shoe size and shoe model with your order.

COACH trainee at JUNIORcamp If you're interested in being a trainee coach at the coming JuniorCamp then please let me know straight away. There are up to 3 spots available and it is going to first in gets to go. The JuniorCamp is taking place at Scoutlands close to Wanganui on the 14th-19th of Dec. Further information at

TRAININGCAMP after OCEANIA There is going to be a combined open D-squad NOS and Aussie training camp following the Oceania (the week afterwards) with trainings down and around Dunedin in the beginning and then ending up in Christchurch. James Bradshaw is coordinating.

SUPERSERIES 2009 Round 1 Oceania South Island (Oceania Champs events and a mass start at Naseby on sunday) Round 2 JWOC trials (PalmerstonNorth/Masterton) Waitangi Weekend Round 3 Nationals Auckland Round 4 QB 3days Central District

These are the 4 rounds in the SuperSeries 2009 and further information on the exact events and how many counts towards to overall and so fort will arrive in an inbox close to you.

Yeps, that was a short update - please get back to me with INOV8 orders and if in case you're interested in coaching and training at the JuniorCamp. And any other questions / feedback is also welcomed!

All the best with training and life!

Friday, 14 November 2008