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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Running Free...

One for the next interval session.....

O-Squad Blog - Jumping on the Train

New Zealand elite orienteering is gathering steam, and the O Squad Blog is going to jump on this train...

Everything is looking up. The Regal Orienteering Carnival is upon us. Next weekend the Pinestars and Bushrangers have their annual faceoff in Woodhill forest and the Super series teams battle it out for the title. Soon after elites start departing for Europe where this year we have a strong team of 8 taking on the world in the French Savoy. Those staying behind have some great races to look forward to. The winter classic, the regional champs, the recently confirmed Sprint the Bay 2012, and a Nationals on Waionoke. For these later races we should see the reappearance of New Zealand's best orienteer. Chris Forne is back in 2012 from a long stint in Norway.

Chris is finally ready to come home

In the O-Squads blogs opinion though the two best things stoking the engine are 1)the sudden rise of a technically excellent and committed Auckland orienteering scene, athletes seeking to make the most of their potential and doing so ruthlessly, 2) the announcement of the World Cup heading down under to our capital city in early 2013, just 18 months away.

I am hugely excited by how these developments will come together. Is it too early to dream of a new epoch in NZ elite orienteering?

What this space, and all the other great blogs of our athletes, which you can link to from our site. There should be some interesting viewing!