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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Closing Time

I have always been someone to stay till the end of a party. Arguably this is to do with a lack of self-control, but I like to think there are also some positive virtues in there...still enjoying it and don't want it to stop, a fondness for those drunken conversations that can build real friendships... but anyway I have come to feel with this blog that the party has moved on, the bar is empty, I'm comatose in the toilet again and the bouncers are hammering on the door. I've got to get out.

The blog will stay up and who knows might be reincarnated again in the future (probably will be in fact judging by history). It has always been my goal to try and get a good number of regular contributors and comments, haven't quite managed it yet. I'm going to use this little chunk of time to contribute over at the new NZOF website and to do some more writing on my own blog, which has mainly been just family stuff over the last couple of years. Anyone who enjoys my writing is welcome to pop over there. I will definitely be writing more about orienteering.