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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Running Drills

The running drills aticle from the endurance coach site is here Running drills or alternatively the old rugby field reps are really underrated by orienteers. I would be really interested in how many of NOS can honestly say they incorporate them regularly in their workouts. Orienteering, prob more than other endurance running needs short bursts of power and speed to move through areas quickly when the navigation allows. We can also use speed and power more as we have greater recovery capacity due to the need to slow down at certain times. I guess O in this regard takes from both typical endurance spots and the more aerobic team sports like hockey. any other thoughts...or links

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Norway World Cup - Route Gadget

Check out this Great result by Tero Fohr and watch the battle between Georgiou and Haldin

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Tan: Tongue Injury at QB

Chris & Joe take out Heights of Winter

Chris and Joe Jagusch looted and pillaged Heights of Winter, winnning by the equivalent of 3 hours, next were Jenni, Rach and Sia....orienteers kicking butt. If you scroll down the results sheet far enough you see a whose who of NZ multisport and AR, so nice effort...results here

Monday, 18 June 2007

About Jukola

Thierry Georgiou adds yet another memorable moment to his o career anchoring his team to victory, Tero Fohr in NZ over summer, comes in 3rd after making small on this strange little blog which seems to be run by Belgiums

James and Tan take out AOA OY1

Not a big field to challenge Tan, but James made less mistakes than Thomas, Simon, Mark and Greg in taking out the mens, the winsplits link is here

Friday, 15 June 2007

and one of these fellas a controller???

be careful to avoid WOA OY 4 ;-) see link

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Wanna see a sprint map from Ukraine

Auckland Club Relay Champs

Check out the map for this awesome race on here

Monday, 11 June 2007

Will this man be at WOC?

Ross takes out 1st of Wellington Three Peaks

A follow up to the posting a few weeks ago...see results here

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Hawkes Bay Weekend

Thought I'd just post an outline of what we got up to in the recent weekend down in the Hawkes Bay... Saturday Tangoio (am) 90minutes • Warm up, general discussion on orienteering psychology, practising properly, pressure of big events, your map as a comfort zone, “cherish the map and the controls will be a formality” • Observation exercises, feeding the map • Attacking controls from above, distance estimation, height estimation, compass down a slope Maraetotara (pm) 120 minutes • Warm up, continued discussion :controlled racing, if your map is your comfort zone your compass is your friend • Observation exercises, feeding the red line • Dealing with detail: clumping, uniqueness and the power to read. • 1st Leg relay Sunday Sprint Training (am) 60 minutes • Race rehearsal, focus on the starts • Discussion on techniques specific to sprints: planning ahead-simple routes-top end speed.

How the AR panned out

Well whaddya know Chris has another World title and Brent with team Orion finished an outstanding 3rd. While in 6th was Aaron and Balance Vector who suffered the disappointment of being short-coursed in the last 24hrs...check out sleepmonsters for more info

Queens Birthday Impressions

The Santoft forest sand dunes always pose interesting challenges for orienteering even if the Manawatu is a damn boring place to hang around for a long weekend. The Sprint, was fast and easy with thick vegetation reducing the map to basically a track network. Most mistakes were made on the very short 5-6 as people failed to control their speed from the leg before as they moved into a circle with a bit more detail. With that much road running the leg before to plan a safe way of attacking the contro there really was no excuse. The Middle was an interesting race on rough farmland with quite a bit of route choice. Contour interpretation was difficult with what could kindly be called backyard cartography. Rob J handled the WOC (trial) pressure well to have a major mistake free run as did Penny in winning the womens. Comments were that it was a hard map to get into, which emphasises the importance of really "feeding" the map information early in the race. The Long. Huge and varied mistakes on a relatively easy area. Classic mistakes: 1st control, long leg with parallel features, low vis leg and management errors. To me this emphasised the need to get those warning lights flashing when danger is identified and staying focussed. On this terrain most mistakes are made within 50metres of the control, both arriving and leaving, you need to lift the level of intensity when those flags are around. Multi-loop...looked like fun. Highlights: has to be the awesome physical shape of you dudes are in, Ross, Tania, James as well as the speed and skill of the juniors who really made an impact on the elite grades. Check out winsplits for full results and splits

Tuesday, 5 June 2007