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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Hawkes Bay Weekend

Thought I'd just post an outline of what we got up to in the recent weekend down in the Hawkes Bay... Saturday Tangoio (am) 90minutes • Warm up, general discussion on orienteering psychology, practising properly, pressure of big events, your map as a comfort zone, “cherish the map and the controls will be a formality” • Observation exercises, feeding the map • Attacking controls from above, distance estimation, height estimation, compass down a slope Maraetotara (pm) 120 minutes • Warm up, continued discussion :controlled racing, if your map is your comfort zone your compass is your friend • Observation exercises, feeding the red line • Dealing with detail: clumping, uniqueness and the power to read. • 1st Leg relay Sunday Sprint Training (am) 60 minutes • Race rehearsal, focus on the starts • Discussion on techniques specific to sprints: planning ahead-simple routes-top end speed.
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