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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Worst Leg Ever

Sport needs stories as much as literature. Epic failure, underdog successes, black humour. Legends that are remembered for years and passed down through the ages. There was the time that Brent would have won Nationals but misclipped. The time that Shaun Collins was so tired he fell down the stairs. The time that a kiwi won JWOC.

Some things go down in infamy. Now that a safe time has passed, and everyone recognises all that was good and great about National Relays 2013, we can talk about what will go down in history as the "Worst Leg Ever" in NZ orienteering. Take one look.

Take another. Ugly. What a dogs breakfast. What were they thinking...need length, need spectator appeal, need ??. Bollocks! Locate the start area somewhere higher, with views of the rock. Have more butterfly loops in the rocky areas. Keep the orienteering hard and consistent, build the pressure technically rather than aerobically.

This will be a hard effort to beat. Any challengers out there?
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