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Friday, 20 September 2013

Godzone Kaikoura

The overlap from orienteering to adventure racing is well known. It is very difficult to be a top class navigator without having at competed very competitively at orienteering. At the last Godzone National squad members Chris Forne, Aaron Prince and Brent Edwards guided home the first three one else was close.

Thats not to say you only have to be an orienteer. You also have to be able to run, mtb and kayak for a long time and make good decisions when very tired. You also need to be able to work within  team and keep your composure in very stressful situations.

Who will be next to make the crossover? It looks like Tom Reynolds is competing at the next edition. I don't think Aaron or Brent have any any plans to race, but Tom will more than likely be up against Chris Forne and Team Seagate.

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