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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

squad newsletter.

Kia ora guys, Hope all is well with everyone and training is going good. Especial thoughts to those of you on the other side of the world and those preparing for the international season. A few practical things in this little email so read on. Queens birthday: Looking forward to catching up with people at QB, should be a great event. I have booked some accomodation at Waitarere Beach primarily for southerly storm people, but probably have a few spare places to sleep. Would be awesome if other groups from around the country could organise to stay in the vicinity.Theres a campground and stuff there as well as bachs. I think we should have some sort of end of season party, since socialisation is good. It will be on the Sunday and it will have a theme, I think we will make the theme "Bogans and Goths", just for a laugh. You should all come dressed up to amuse me. It will start at our bach straight after the event, bbq provided, beach nearby. Sweet. Training Weekend Naseby: To the best of my knowledge James is still organising a training weekend at Naseby later this month round 24/25th ish. Should be awesome. I'll be there keen to do some coaching and some exploring of the wickedness of Naseby. Recent Events: popped past the South Island champs, looked like everyone was having a great time, one of those intense weekends with lots of races. Cool innovation holding a night event, from all accounts some peoples night orienteering techniques need some work! Sounds like Auckland Champs was good quality too. I went over Tanes maps with him last night and looking at the classic course it seemed really well planned with lots of route choice and short legs and scary stuff. Go the Aspins! If anyone is interested in writing up some articles about these events for endurance sport or web sites, please give me a bell as wriitng up stuff on events you didn't attend is kind of hard. Acting Coaching Co-ordinator: yep thats me. As discussed with the squad at Nationals I am keen to step back a bit. I was hoping that by volunteering and stepping forward I might help to generate more positive action and cooperation from the elite community. This didn't quite happen as the majority of elites focus is firmly on their own performance. I'm happy to accept this as the way things are. The problem is this puts a lot of responsibility on the NOS CC, who is unable to give what the individual athletes require. The theory is a NOS CC arranges coaches for athletes, rather than coaching them, but who has the expertees/time/desire to coach an elite orienteer? With my vision thwarted I'm stepping back so if a magnificent saviour NOS CC comes along they can pick up the reins. In the meantime I plan to continue working behind the scenes, keeping people in touch, organising the occasional training weekend, updating the squad blog now and again and doing some promotion etc. I am also happy to help any individuals that may think my knowledge or skills may be of use to their orienteering performance, just get in touch! World Cup Team: Great to see the World cup Team announced (check the NZOF site) Lots of people going lots of cool places! Kia kaha to you all. Sweet, expecting to see most people at QB, and don't forget Bogans and Goths people in civilian clothing will have to do something horrible to get in!! Jamie

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