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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Chilling out with the Southerly Storm

Christchurch the home to New Zealand's best orienteer has had a strong group of regular Orienteers, with regular Pack Runs and regular O-Training for many years now.

The Famous Wednesday Night run started out as a women's training run but quickly the boys worked out it was a pretty cool idea and started coming along. Now going for many years are the usuals of Matt and Lara, Myself, Tim Farrant and Georgia. Then there's the extra non orienteers that keep us all real like Calvin and Boyd. Sometimes when the run is from Sign of the Takahe Andy J will bless us with his presence. These runs are really good for the motivation especially in the depths of winter on a dark, cold and wet night.

Then there is the training usually on Thursday nights after work/uni/school/sitting in front of a computer reading orienteering blogs all day long. Jenni keeps us all busy organising us to organise training. Everyone has a turn, and there's lots of variety.

Just lately Carsten has started up regular weekly interval trainings so us Southerly Stormers will start carving it up with our sheer become a dominant force at these Turkey traverse and Sprint the bay events coming up.

Last weekend there was a group of us who braved the cold weather and waded through thigh deep snow to the top of Mt Oxford. The weekend before it was out into the hills on the Port Hills...and this weekend who knows its only Tuesday but Im sure Bloomberg who has found his mojo again will have some ideas.

Recently we held our regular fund-raiser, the Night Nav. Which involved putting controls out, untangling Kaia's kite, handing out maps, gorging on fish and chips, then running again feeling a little quezzy.

Right better get ready for this Rogaine tomorrow, the first of three!

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