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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Back to Basics

Whilst organising training for the national junior camp this week (wish me luck...) I've come across a fair few interesting sites. Here are the ones I can remember for the moment. Have a look, play around, and hopefully you'll come up with some fresh ideas for your own training.

It's always good to take a step back and remind yourself of the basics every now and then.

Forgotten some of the more obscure control descriptions and map symbols? try these quizes.

Some inspiring stuff, and some food for thought on what we may be doing right/wrong in NZ with our training approaches and structure, you'll find full presentations on "how to become a woc medal winner" and other talks given at a recent meeting of swedish coaches. Some good training ideas too, I like idea of the relay exercise set zigzagging over the road. Will have to try it sometime :)

For the complete o-geek in us, there's this article on how often and how long you should read your map. And how to analyse this! This is something I've often wondered about, as I feel that compared to the top girls in Europe anyway, I read my map far too much, or rather for too long. If you ever watch a video of the top orienteers in the world, you very rarely catch them more than glancing at their maps. So perhaps the way to go is more looks at the map, but for shorter periods of time. So does it then come down to training your eye speed, and how fast you can take in the map? Have a read of the article anyhow.

And finally, before i stop procrastinating and get back to last minute preperations for the camp, for anyone out there setting exercises and short of ideas. will see you right
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