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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Map Interpretation Skills

Above is the night event map from Junior Camp. courtesy of Nick Hann and Jamie BW who field worked the area, but unfortunately ran out of time to put it on ocad. Not to be put off, we just took their rough sketch to the printer and went with it.

You think it's hard reading now, try racing on it in the dark and rain! Much to our surprise the kids actually followed the map reasonably well, and even found the controls we'd hidden (including teaming together to get one down off the flying fox!). All of this whilst running from coaches with waterbombs, and avoiding having their maps stolen by waterbomb-less coaches! Fair to say the coaches had fun, the kids seemed to too.

Personal favourites of mine from the map:

- the unscaled gap between the right and left parts of the map

- the blow up of the maze, which holds no correlation to the actual maze

- two number 24's (by mistake)

- northish? and safety bearing off the left of the map

- number 7, which was hidden inside a shed. like shooting fish in a barrel with the water bombs!
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