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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Canterbury Champs 2013

Just back from the Canterbury Champs 2013. A good hit out on great maps. Two of the maps from this years Nationals, Tuhaitara and Kura Tawhiti, re-emerged and were accompanied by an old favourite, the legendary Acheron, which hasn't changed too much since its first use in 1997.

An expected highlight for me for these events was the likely competition between Nick Hann and Chris Forne...I wasn't let down. Hann blitzed an unusually clumsy Forne on the sand dunes, then confidently backed this up on the rocks before finally succumbing in the forest. Given that Hann was an Acheron virgin though you still have to respect his effort...and the two of them left the rest of us for dead repeatedly. With Forne missing the Super Series final at Rotoiti  because of the Adventure Racing World Championships in Costa Rica, we will have to wait until perhaps Sprint the Bay or the Riverhead 3 day in March to see the rivalry resume.

In the womes elite it was all Georgia Whitla. Laura Robertson and Lara Prince ran her close at times, but Georgia was running strongly and seemed very in control. In the junior grades there were some good one off performances from Matt Goodall, Lauren Holmes, Lauren Turner, Ed Cory-Wright and Alistair Richardson. Alistair proved in the final of the sprint that it is possible to sprint and grab with shin splints.

Here is a snippet from the mens middle distance. The first six were all super easy, but then you were hit with 7. How to do this safely? Myself and Nick Hann both reluctantly went left to use 15 as an attack point, but the quickest split was straight. What would you use to navigate through here? And likewise with the long leg 16...

Here is the complete map for your perusal:

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