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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Party at Oceania's

Think we need a squad get together at Oceanias. So the day is the 7th after the Classic. Venue: Jamies parents house next to Avalanche Creek. If people are up to it we'll meet there say maybe 4pm, then the BYO BBQ/Party will begin maybe six.

This is from maptalk.

"Latest NZOF news states that council is looking forward to a "decent trial" of the code of behaviour.

I hereby announce I won't be organising or coaching at any more official NZOF squad camps. Maybe I'll organise Jamie and friends camps.

I refuse to kowtow to the the PC brigade that put this policy through to stop me having a beer with my mates. Its ridiculous. But neither will I be set-up for a fall.

AND on a brighter note, I noticed that the Oceania barn dance has fallen through, but don't worry there will be a BYO BBQ/Party/BoozeO at Jamie's parents house in Arthurs Pass on Wednesday the 7th of January following the Oceania Classic.

The party will finish on nightfall but the celebrations will continue in the local pub. There is a DOC campsite adjacent to the venue.

In no way should this be considered a "National Squad Camp".


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