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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Yeehaa 3hr storm rogaine!

Awesome! I have organised quite a few afterwork rogaines now, but until last night never competed in one. As I suspected they are great fun. Casper Harmer and I showed at Naenae in the rain with 50 or so others and smashed it out in a cruisy sort of way for three hours and (damn it) 20 seconds. The map is below.

We left ourselves about a minute to plan and decided just to get up the hill as quickly as possible with plenty of options available for the end. We headed off to 27 head to head with Bill Edwards, taking the RH route near the end to cross the ditch on bridge and watch Bill who took the LH route swim across it. Unfortunately the ditch was about 1m wide. 23,24 running past peoples backyards, then over a slippery pipe to 3B. The hill began on the way to 49, hunting around in the dark for a sign telling us how many gallons the reservoir contained. I had been undecided about 72 but it seemed worth it and was. 36 was confusing with the tracks. 38,43,47, 44, 81 up on the top now wind is pumping rain. Downhill to 39, then 30 its misty I overrun the junction without seeing it. Casper takes the junction without seeing it. I backtrack find Casper than the cp is right there. Before we know it we are at the turn-off to 42. Aye? Back up the road peering into the gorse on our right that must be the track to 35? Then the gorse on our left that must be the track to 46? We get 46, then after searching in the wrong place 35, then continue down the "single track" ploughing our way through gorse in the pouring rain. Finally down to 42, then 57, native bush from here 33, down-up 50, 71 scrambling up a creek. Catch Greg Thurlow and walk right past the turn off to 45. duh! 34 up a tight little stream and out to the roads, pounding. 28, 2B, 26, 25, 2A, Casper is panting like a puppy, scuffing around in front gardens looking for water. 21, 55, then a mean hill to the model car race track at 63, 48, then back down. My gimpy foot which has been reducing me to a limp run for the last 2 1/2 hours now passes its pain to my knee. 31 in the graffitti covered train timetable. Aye? Trying to work out what time the midday train on Sunday gets to Wintang or some place I've never heard of. Running out of time, caning it down the road to 32. I loose track of the roads and hit the underpass. Two local girls confirm that Naenae Intermediate School is indeeed behind us. 32, 14 and a sprint to the finish....come on Casper!! Hahaha. Great fun for a rainy Wednesday night!.

And while I'm at it, might as well chuck this one up to. Last weeks Taylors Mistake Rogaine map, held in picture perfect conditions on the Port Hills above Christchurch.

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