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Friday, 24 April 2009

Getting Granny Going

Interested in peoples thoughts about the benefit of granny gear when running and a brilliant new motivational technique.

I was running up a hill in Wellington the other day, a great one to the big hill from Korokoro stream up to Belmont Trig, and I was contemplating the benefit of granny gear when running. We all know that granny gear really refers to the type of gear a granny could push on a MTB but is there a training benefit in running with quick light strides up steep hills?

It certainly feels like it to me! (its the feel, its the vibe! but what do you reckon?)

And the motivational technique, sometimes when I get to a really steep hill I let lose with a mighty shout "go granny go", and then I visualise my two grannys smashing it up the hill with light quick strides, barely a trace of effort showing on their wrinkled faces...I want you guys to be thinking of your grannys to...

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