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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Inter-region School Champs

Great to see the Wellington team selected for the inter-regional schools champs...see below. I am hugely looking forwarding to seeing this initiative play-out at Queens Birthday Weekend. It seems like a great way to integrate secondary schools orienteering with the Super Series final. Kudos to those making it happen....and best of skills for those involved!

The following students have been named in the Regional Team to Represent The Lower North island at the upcoming INTER-REGION SCHOOL CHALLENGE for orienteering:

Senior Girls: Laura Robertson (OHV), Erin Paterson (Taranaki), Georgia Ramsden (RK)
Senior Boys: Kyle Higham (RK), Liam Paterson (Taranaki), Tim Robertson (OHV)
Intermediate Girls: Jula McMillan (OHV), Lauren Turner (WOC), Hannah Sampson (WOC)
Intermediate Boys: Nick Hann (WOC), Ed Lawley (Taranaki), Jonathan Wood (WOC)
Junior Girls: Sammy Sabire (OHV), Sophie Snadden (WOC), Sharne Ralston (OHV)
Junior Boys: Shamus Morrison (WOC), Cameron Grant (WOC), Simon Teesdale-Spittle (WOC)

The event takes place at Queen’s Birthday Weekend and is run alongside the CDOA. Seniors will compete at 18’s, Intermediates at 16’s and Juniors at 14’s.

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