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Friday, 23 August 2013

Mountain Biker, Orienteer, Doctor

One blog I always enjoy reading is Tom Reynold's. Tom is one of our best young elites, National Classic Champion is 2012. Domiciled in Whangarei he does some interesting training missions in parts of the country that are new to most. There is an inner explorer in the majority of orienteers that like seeing photos of new places, and particularly maps.

Tom has always been an allrounder, his mountain biking achievements almost equal his orienteering ones, and several years ago now he was part of a youth adventure racing team. His current priority is training for the Coast to Coast race in February. He is proof, like Chris Forne and Brent Edwards before him, that you can compete at a high level in orienteering while maintaining a varied, healthy, outdoor lifestyle.

It will though be interesting to see over the next few years whether he chooses to have a serious crack at establishing himself as a world class orienteer. He has the legs and the brains, the open question is whether he has the hunger. One senses that maybe life might be too good already... a very postmodern problem for an athlete to face.


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