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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Solid run from Imogene Scott

Great to see Imogene Scott holding the hard charging juniors and gnarled veterans at bay over the weekend in the Auckland OY on Woodhill. Imogene  is one of the National Squad that flies under the radar  somewhat, but is edging ominously towards the top echelon. Matt Ogden dominated course 1, winning every single split in a terrorising performance.


Steve said...

Imogene's 21 seconds were in more danger than she realised. Before the race Jonty used the tailgate of the van to get changed, putting his SI-11 down next to him. He promptly forgot about it and closed the hatch with a rather ominous cracking noise. He had to use his old SI-6 instead.

By the time I've retold and exaggerated this story a few times, the difference in punching speed will have more than made up for those 21 seconds.

(Story courtesy of the gnarled veteran in 16th place)

Jamie Stewart said...

The lesson is sportident always goes on last: osuit, socks, shoes (with laces taped), headband, control description holder, , compass, sportident.....mess with this at your own peril

Michael said...

I'd add underpants to that list. No good going commando with issues around chafing.

Michael said...

Oh. And check out Imogene's training diary on attack point. She's putting in some fantastic base work at the moment in her fitness program.

Imogene Scott said...

oooh I guess it's time I got around to reading this blog! Was very happy to take the win on course 2 after having done quite a lot of training the day before.

Bring on next weekend Jonty :P