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Monday, 3 March 2014

The End of Summer

Geez its been a good summer. The OSquad have been going hard around the place, training for orienteering or getting into some wider outdooors activity. See Tane's previous post about the impressive line-up of the crew that are turning out for Godzone.

And good on Tane for not rubbing in his honourable 13minute victory over Tom in the longest day. But bad on Tane for softing out on Avalanche Peak, all the other South Islanders were there. Nick Smith beats Chris Forne to the summit, Chris Forne beats Nick Smith to the finish.

Back on planet orienteering though, the focused guys have been seeking perfection. Check out part of a recent Nick Hann training on Waitarere. 26.5km of epic map reading anyone?

A team led by Matt Ogden and Greg Flynn have been picking the eyes out of Riverhead Forest to bring us TONIC. A tense and challenging long weekend at the end of this month. JWOC Trials and a pre-nationals showdown. Get your entries in. TONIC along with the Canterbury Champs the previous week and the Nationals at the end of April make-up the newly announced Autumn Tour. An opportunity to get your big orienteering year off to a big start.

Also look out for a good training week after Nationals. Wellington Orienteering Club is arranging the opportunity to train on the Nationals maps on the Tues-Thurs following the event. Marked control sites provided. And then a three day epic sprint event, the Urban Enduro, running from Fri-Sun.

And why are we doing all this training, well there is Nationals, there is JWOC and in January there is of course the World Cup and Oceania in Tasmania. Lizzie is thinking about it already.

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