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Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Storm is approaching!

There is a Southerly Storm coming, brewing away, set to descend on Kaikoura in about a weeks time to coincide with GODZone, the adventure race. This year there is a large contingent of the Bivouac Southerly Storm and a couple of other Orienteers spread throughout the field. The Bivouac Southerly Storm is a regional Orienteering team encompassing the South Island clubs and compete at the National Orienteering Series around the country. Orienteers tend to fly under the radar a little bit, and practice their dark art in the shadows...but this may just be their time to shine if the navigation gets tricky!

In team Seagate there is the formidable Chris Forne with a passenger and Nelson club member Nathan Fa'avae, Stu Lynch is the back up navigator but I'm not sure where he is actually from these days, somewhere in the strange land of the North!

Brent Edwards will be taking hold of the maps for team Vida de Aventura, and Lara Prince and Jim Cotter in Chimpanzee Bar are set to be hot on the heels of Seagate. Ones to watch out for will be the navigator stacked team of Go 3.0 with Emily Wall, Matt Scott, Tim Sikma and Rhys John who have all excelled at orienteering and rogaining in the past few years.

Then there is a smattering of lone wolf orienteers, with Tane Cambridge in Team Osprey Packs, Tim Farrant in Next Generation, Tom Reynolds (another North Islander...) in Team University of Auckland and Joe Jagusch in Lost and Lonely.

So within the race there is also the race of being the best orienteer/navigator and you can watch it all unfold live at

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