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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Thinking about your Training?

About now a lot of you are probably settling down into the New Year having done more or less training over summer. Some of the big goals of the year are still some time away, Tasmania next January, WOC/JWOC, National Secondary Schools. Others like our club nationals in Wellington are approaching fast.

It is important you refocus. Check or refresh your goals, according to your current progress. Invest intellectually in the training process (check this article out from the British) and have a think about your lifestyle and whether it is allowing you to achieve to the level you truly want to... (warning you may find you are truly happy already - but thats not the worst thing in the world).

Whatever you are doing, make sure you are doing it consciously. Make real decisions about what you want to achieve, how much you are prepared to commit, and what you are going to do about it. Then going forward make sure to review and learn from your experiences...talent is an opportunity, success is earned.

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