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Friday, 31 January 2014

Sprint Auckland Day

Auckland Orienteering Club is hosting an Ultra-Sprint event at Cornwall Park on Saturday 1 Feb, but with a few twists this year.  There are no control descriptions. Instead there is a dot in the middle of the control circle identifying the exact location of the control.  There is an artificial (man-made) maze to contend with.  There will be some dummy controls to try to trick you and a mis-punch will not disqualify you, but will add 30 seconds to your time for each error.

Three races will be held to qualify for the finals each being around a kilometre long with runners getting to chose when they start and which of the three courses to run as long as all are completed by a certain time.  The final mass start race is for the top 4 in each grade to decide the winners.

On Sunday, marks the return of Sprint Auckland Day.  15 one kilometre races in one day as a group of self-supported orienteers make their way across Auckland’s parks and schools.  Will be excellent!
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