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Friday, 24 January 2014

Selection Announcements: World Cups 2014

World Cup Races selection 2014

Round 1 Antalya, Turkey
Round 2 Murcia, Spain; Palmela, Portugal 
Round 3 Kongsberg, Norway; Imatra, Finland
Round 5 Liestal, Switzerland

All athletes interested in Rounds 3 & 5 should notify the Convenor of Selectors, Peter Watson [ ], by 17 April 17 2014, with Rounds 1 & 2 requiring immediate notification by the 29 January 2014.

Selection for these events will be based on past results with all known form taken into account, but most weight will be placed on performances at the 2014 Nationals.

Selections will be announced by 28 April 2014 with the exception of Rounds 1 and 2 which will be announced by 30 January 2014.
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