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Monday, 10 September 2007

Squad Weekend Taupo

So a quick summary of what went down. Training, a couple of good solid runs round the local Taupo tracks, what an awesome area, wish that was in my backyard. Also a nice interval session which I will write up later on. Socialising a bit of general chatting and beer drinking and watching rugby. Next time I'm going to organise a themed costume party.

Discussion outcomes, plans from here:

1) the shifting squad standard idea. some disagreement mainly from people questioning whether raising standards for the squad would lead to increased motivation. General support from more motivated squad members. Jamie to raise idea with Carsten, others

2) individual continuous improvement idea: general agreement on actions: performance spreadsheet to be kept up, self assessment forms to be developed and athletes to be expected to engage in process, route gadget use to be developed (Martin) and athletes to be expected to record routes for self and peer benefit.

3)squad activities idea: plenty of discussion, people against staying together at nationals, but for it at other times. Like idea annual get together aug/sept maybe associated with tough guy, perhaps focus on physical goals in future rather than O. Jamie to look to organise o weekend late feb, asociated with running race of some kind, preferably one that can be replicated year on year.

4)Developing squad ownership/leadership: General understanding, after some confusion, that we can achieve more with everyone contribution. Its not about building up brownie points, its about contributing to a positive community. Jamie to monitor activities and to continue to encourage squad members to create training opportunities for each other 5) Likelihood of smaller more competitive WOC teams: discussed, general recognition that WOC teams will be hard to get into and perhaps smaller teams with the top athletes running most is the best way forward, although this remains in selectors hands. 6) WOC Training Tour: given competitive nature of WOC selection need to look at more sanctioned opportunities to get people European experience...fall back option if they don't make the world champs as done by NZ Triathlon etc. Neil keen to help, potential timetable to be created for 2008 tour, Jamie to investigate official sanctioning.

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