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Monday, 24 September 2007

Whats Going On

Ok, so I'm nice and refreshed after a non o or ar driven weekend, relaxing playing golf/tennis etc, bringing a bit of balance back into life... So not quite sure whats going on, or if there were any events to report from. I do know that with a few others I'm off to Oz at the end of the week, should be a blast. As always wish I was a bit fitter. Route Gadget is up from the Akld Long, please draw your routes, we need to get into the habit of doing so for all of our benefits...I know that other countries use this technology so we can't let ourselves slip behind. Stuff I'm slowly working away on includes: evolving squad standards, timetrials, self assessment sheet, feb training weekend. So keep your eyes open for new developments in the squad. Random picture is Whanakao, the 2nd highest mountain on the east cape and a goal for my next free weekend!
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