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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Canterbury Champs & Quick Update on other stuff

Hey, finally got round to updating the squad performance sheet. This is now viewable on the web

Canterbury Champs sounded like fun, good race between Aaron and Carsten in the middle with Carsten not quite recovering from a big mistake at the first.

Have been trying to work out some training opportunities for the new year, struggling a bit for dates, particularly unsure of my own availability. Anyone near either Woodhill or Santoft who wants to pick a weekend and make something happen please get in touch

Not sure what those crazy south islanders are up to, I think they technical train any week when there isn't orienteering...and they now have some good maps to train on, woohoo!

Reform to the squad selection policy is proceeding, the next squad review will occur after SI Champs sometime. Also this athlete reporting thing is going to happen I think.

Train hard

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