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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Extract from Oceania Coach/Managers Report

The team got on well and worked well together...which can be difficult when performances aren't good Lessons I learnt as manager....need to be organised, with directions to events :-), quick nightly meetings might be a good idea to ensure proper planning. need to keep athletes interested/avoid staleness on orienteering trip with much down time (ideas: laptops for music etc, stretching/meditation/conditioning sessions, focus on interesting healthy food/cooking, avoiding non hp related orienteering discussions/other times for that. Other amusements, games etc, stuff to keep people sparky...Need to decide beforehand how things will be paid for, particularly petrol, a single credit card would make things much easier. I would also like to see people paying for stuff before they go (eg entry fees/contribution to costs) it is much easier pyschologically. Lessons I learnt as coach....more and more I think that coaching has to be done in the forest one on one. You can talk all you like but if you can't get into the forest and see someone orienteering at race pace you can't mould their habits. You can only keep emphasising to them the need to have a plan, the need to make the most of their looks at the map, the need to run straight and hard, the need to slow down at the edge of the circle/read their much. These need to be habits that all individual athletes form. We need to improve the post race analysis, we need to calm it down, focus on positives...what did I do to get that control well, why did I make that small error. At what moment should I have made that decision to prevent that happening. We need more focus and thought on the subtleties of orienteering technique. Hopefully we can work on this over the next couple of years. I learnt a lot and hope to have the opportunity to put what I learnt into practice in the future.
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