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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Labour Weekend

Hey, wrote a quick report on Labour Weekend this morning, its currently on both maptalk news and sportzhub. I thought the weekend went really well. The races were well contested with Ross, Carsten, Lizzy and Rachel in particular keeping the standards high. The courses were well planned and the areas chosen well suited to the disciplines raced. I even enjoyed the final day classic with some real tough stuff (which I bombed on) and some well thought out route choice. The Italian dinner, pizza and pasta went down well and kudos to those who dressed up. Next time will give more warning and maybe an easier theme. I reckon its important we move away from the standard run and shit talk O weekend and get things more constructive and creative (I'm as guilty as anyone on the shit talk front, need a zipper on this mouth sometime). To those who didn't quite go as well as they have hoped (especially those who are training well) better luck next time and try and keep that training up. Get out there running in terrain and think about navigational habits you need to make the most of your increased fitness. I will probably begin my second ring around for the year soon. It will focus this time on your views on the athlete reporting spreadsheet (perhaps running through an example of what might be expected) your coaching situation and how we can build up some support networks, availability for Europe 08, whether WOC or Tour and other stuff I think of in the meantime. Don't forget that WOC nominations must be in by some date this year....check previous posting or announcement on NZOF site.
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