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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

from James

An email from James, I'm also seeing emails flying around about a weekend training up that way a couple of weekends before Nationals, so keep an eye out for future announcements there...

Hello squaddies young and old,

I am planning the next d-squad camp immediately following nationals, starting monday 13th April - sunday 18th april. Obviously i would like the entire d-squad to attend, but would also like to open the invitation up to all national squad members that may want a good week long orienteering fix.

I will need some help with coaching (im envisiging about 5 coaches), so if you are able to help, it would be awesome to have you there.

The camp will be based in and around Auckland, and it is likely that we will be based at Kings College. At this stage i am planning on having one or two days down near Waiuku (as many of the squad have been there only a couple of times, or not at all), a few sessions focusing on sprint training around the city, and of course there will be a few days out in woodhill.

I am also going to invite about 8-10 up and coming juniors along to the camp as well, so it should be one big awesome camp with some kickass trianing and fun!

I am trying to get a clear idea on numbers etc..... so if you could please email me if you are keen to attend, or if you are likely to attend, but still a little unsure at the moment.



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