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Monday, 23 February 2009

Opportunity to Train with the Second Best!

Warning following content may offend.

All orienteers now have the opportunity to train with the perennial bridesmaids of New Zealand orienteering: James Bradshaw and Brent Edwards. Bradshaw and Edwards will be organising a tune-up camp for Nationals on the 4th and 5th of April in Auckland. Here's the detailed plan from Brent...

Very vague plan is Waiti(sic - Weiti) on Saturday with exercises designed more for middle distance. Whites Line/Spaghetti on Sunday with long distance and relay in mind. Would be good to do some sprint training on Saturday also (perhaps Massey, seeing its out that way).

If you're serious about Nationals, you should seriously get in touch with these fellas and book your place. Small fee to cover map printing. Try or


Neil K said...

I'll probably come. Thanks.

Jamie said...

Good on you Neil, welcome back!

(seems the vultures are circling with National titles up for grabs!)