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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The "Most Important Race" Poll

Voting has closed with long, an absolute majority on 51% clearly maintaining its premier status and able to govern alone. Middle slipped in later voting finishing with 33% of the vote. Unfortunately historical data is unavailable because it would be interesting to compare this result to the situation 10 years ago, remembering that the middle distance was only introduced at World Champs level in 1991. I suspect that its trend is upwards (and I confess this is where I placed my vote).

Sprint, an even more recent introduction, garnered 13% of the vote and again the lack of sophistication in the voting system is to be deplored, because I am sure further data would prove that the bulk of this vote came from the younger "instant gratification" generation of orienteers, who because of a lifetime of sound bites, text messaging and sub woofers lack the mental application to succeed in the longer distances.

There was one random outlier vote in regards to the relay, which is both a sad reflection on this person and their ability to conform and a confirmation of the theory that it is easier to herd cats than orienteers because they are a loosely associated mob with deeply set introverted tendencies which typically lack the ability to critically self reflect and tend to value self over teams. It would be interesting to compare these results to a poll (if it existed in Sweden), where orienteers are more akin to sheep and many live for the relays.

All alternative interpretations of this data are welcome.

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