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Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Hahndy Seventh at O-Ringen

Nick Hahn finished seventh overall in the H20E grade at O-Ringen overnight. While it was not his best run of the week he only lost one spot in the melee that is Sweden's premier event. Hahn was following in the footsteps of last years Junior World Champion Matt Ogden who had threatened a top ten finish last year before imploding on the final day. It is hard to overstate what an achievment it is to finish so high up the rankings in such a competitive event.

Best news: Hahn still has another year to compete as a junior.

Meanwhile, National Squad member Tessa Ramsden starred on Swedish TV (18:03) simply for coming from a long way away. In Tessa's case it is a worthy story because she not only journeyed from New Zealand, she did a large chunk of it by train, travelling from Beijing to St Petersburg on the Trans-Siberian railway.

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