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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Some Great Websites for Defining your Dreams

Hey all, just updating the upcoming events list on this blog, and there are some great events coming up. Some of them have websites and event bulletins ready to go. I still remember some images that flashed out at me across the web from the big international competitions I have competed in. Set your sights on it and it can become reality.

Oceania Champs 2015 - This comes complete with a World Cup Round and the "Hobart Shorts", a Sprint the Bays style event.

JWOC 2014 - Bulgaria! What more can you say. Bulgaria 1999 was my first JWOC (and OE) and what a place. Anarchic, wild, intense. A country that reeks of history. The event is centred on a famous mountain resort. Check it out on Google Earth.

Borovetz Bulgaria

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