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Monday, 29 July 2013

Quote for today - Especially for those up training before work in the morning.


Greg said...

Do you actually know the context of this comment Jamie?

Jamie Stewart said...

Hi Greg, I did read up on Steve Prefontaine before putting this up and he sounds like a runner that trained hard and got some good results.

I did also read that he died young after in a D.I.C incident, is this what you mean?

Otherwise always keen to hear more.

Greg said...

It was in response to his coach Bill Bowerman (of Nike fame) telling him he would get better results if he paced himself - rather than going as hard as possible. (so probably not the best quote for orienteers where you need speed control)

A couple of good movies about Pre, Without Limits is one

Greig said...

The full movie Without limits is on youtube and worth a watch.