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Friday, 11 April 2014

Hoodoo Guru

I was chatting (the online type) to none other than Lizzie Ingham today. She is coming right from her injuries and organising some epic training this weekend for those in Canberra (we miss her in Wellington still). I couldn't help asking Lizzie about whether she felt ready to overcome her pervasive Nationals Hoodoo, including whether this would be the year she registered her maiden victory in the middle distance. I have seen Lizzie on the verge of a top ten in the World Champs for a middle distance but I have yet to seen her charge down a Nationals middle finish chute with her game face still intact.

Lizzie's answer was underwhelming "anything can happen on that map".  Harden up Lizzie Ingham. Get your processes right and make yourself hard to beat this year. The map doesn't look that bad...

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