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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Ohakea Sprint

Well start lists are up. 1 minute start intervals are risk encouraging. Take a risk early and you have your opponent in your sites. Get a good tow and gain a crucial 3-4 seconds per control for half a course and it could be a game changer for your result. I am stoked to have Jourdan (1min) and Duncan (2min) in front of me. Two reliable effective sprint orienteers definitely worth taking note of when you see them out there and not easily passed.

So what are the organisers saying:

The air base contains a diverse mix of urban forms including operational airfield facilities, office accommodation, warehousing, contractor yards, barrack accommodation, defence housing, formal gardens, recreational areas and several pockets of remnant native forest. There is no noticeable elevation difference across the competition area. There is a high degree of runnability within the air base, except in the forest areas. One building includes a raised running level accessed by external stairs. The following should be noted about the mapping of smaller features:
  • Building alcoves with open access are included on the map with the canopy symbol (no. 526.2), except in the housing area.
  • All fire stairs and ladders on 2-storey buildings have been ommitted for clarity.
  • Gates have been mapped to highlight crossing points through high fences, however gates into housing sections have been mapped as fenced although some may be left open on the day. Paths and driveways have been mapped for the first 10m or so where they extend into housing sections to aid with route finding.
Worth reading I reckon. You've got to think there are going to be many unpassable fences out there and spotting the route choice and gaps will be decisive in the results. Likewise an athletes ability to switch from open visibility to forest remnants with potentially vague detail will be crucial. Those forest remains are not particularly small either...

So the aerial, courtesy of the new LINZ service..See that building with the circular fence  in midde top watch for that trap. And where is the building with the runnable level? 

Looks good aye? Can't wait for Friday, lots of good sleep between now and then.

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