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Friday, 11 April 2014

One week til take off!

As we hit 7 days until the first start at NZ champs 2014, orienteers all around the country begin their pre-nationals taper (or training...), and begin their final mental preparation!
It's gonna be a good'un too, with a highly technical middle on Waikawa*, a test of speed and endurance in the long on Fusilier, and the weekend rounding out with clubs battling it out for eternal glory** ever hotly contested Relay on Monday.

More of an unknown is the sprint, to be held around Ohakea Air Base on Easter Friday. Bulletin 1 doesn't divulge many hints on the area, but it does have a fantastic promo shot! How did I miss this?!

Nick goes for mission impossible styles (or a belly flop?!) while Laura actually looks like she's abseiling. But local knowledge wins out, with Tessa seemingly having us all beaten!
If you haven't already, have a look at the little blurbs that the Wellington crowd have given for each race - a mixture of quality advice and quality trash talking ;)

See you in a week!

* I've got my game face on just looking at the map, thanks Jamie >:/
* *not an exaggeration.
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