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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Southerly Storm Gathering

from Jenni... Southerly Storm Potluck Dinner (don't need to make anything fancy, we'll do lots of pasta and sauce so if you can just bring bread or salad or desert or drink...) 7pm Thursday evening at Jenni and Carsten's Optional training (just running) beforehand 5:30pm (can maybe have showers here and in the surrounding neighbourhood) I could give a ride to 2 or 3 from university and there will hopefully be someone who could give you a ride home (or I can if not - you won't have to stay here!) We'll discuss *training plans, both o-technical and physical so we get ourselves into good shape for the next season (or WOC/JWOC for some) *ordering new Southerly Storm ogear *Night Navigation series *gossip
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