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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

WOC Selection Re-opens

1. As a result of a successful appeal against the selection of the NZ team for WOC 2007 on the ground that inadequate notice of selection events, 6-9 April, was given as per the NZOF Selection Policy 2.3.2, the NZOF Council has ruled the selection of the NZ team - as advised to clubs, 24 April -invalid. 2. Moreover, and to also clarify the intent of 2.2.2 of the NZOF Selection Policy, the NZOF Council, under the powers vested in it by the NZOF Constitution Section 9, has resolved that: "Given the necessity to invalidate the original selection of the NZ team for WOC 2007, and therefore the short time frame required to reselect a new team, the NZOF Council approves the selection of the team without recourse to any specific selection trials or events." 3. Accordingly, the selection of the team is re-opened. Nominations by candidates for the team to compete in the World Orienteering Championships, Ukraine 18-26 August, must be with the convenor of selectors, Jeff Greenwood (ali.jeff at, no later than 31 May. However, those who have previously advised of their availability do not have to re-nominate themselves. 4. The team will be announced after 4 June and no later than 8 June 2007. Jeff Greenwood Convenor of Selectors
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