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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Squad Email

Hey people Some squad stuff... Welcome New squad members Lise and Lizzie, you guys rock. Hold your breath and wait for the amazing reality of the National O Sqaud :-) We should start having ceremonys or something to welcome to new members, I might arrange this sometime in the near future. And Tane and Martin are in the squad, this happened last year sometime and was all very vague (as has happened often in the past), but yeah welcome to youse two as well Training Weekend As previously advertisied next weekend in the Hawkes Bay. Combined with D Squad. James and Mark are bringing cars down from Akld so get in touch with them if you are from that part of the world, Wellington dudes you should definitely come up. I will be arranging somewhere for us all to it should be a blast. Training on Tangoio. Maraetotara and others...also OY race on Sunday. Let me know if you are planning on making an appearance.. QB Entry has probably closed/closing but you could probably wangle something if you haven't entered, should be great weekend, with oceania spots up for grabs. INOV8 Deadline for orders today!! Orders to Carsten, don't skimp on your O shoes, there is nothing that prevents injury more than running in a good pair of shoes. Ring Around The Squad is being sponsored free phone calls (from my home ph) by the Kane foundation, so don't be surprised if you get rung in the near future and asked some questions,eg where you are at with your training, what we can do to help you out...whats your mojo, I am real keen to establish a motivational benchmark so I can try to take some credit when everyone is gagging for more orienteering and training 20hr weeks. Squad Blog I have been quietly working away on this, check out the idea is you guys have somewhere to go to find out about high performance o stuff and generally to help you feel part of a community that is working away trying to achieve goals in the big wide world. I recently invited a few of you I thought might be interested to be authors on the do so you have to set up a blogger account, but the whole process takes about 5 minutes, Anyone who would like to contribute...give me a buzz. Taupo Training Weekend Still working on dates for this with Derek Morrison (JWOC Coach) sometime in June...will let you know soon as possible Summer Camp Am interested in thoughs about a camp this summer....physical or technical?...location? keen not keen? when? I have a few ideas but am keen to see what others think first... Wicked...take care out there Jamie
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