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Monday, 9 March 2009

Are you swimming naked?

Just found the great quote above from American money man Warren Buffett, thought it was quite apt for this blog (although when you are thinking as circularly as I am at the moment any quote is good for anything).

Are you orienteering naked, when the tide goes out do you have clothes to cover your inadequacies? When the hills are hard do you have the fitness, when the racing is close do you have a clear head, when the terrain is tight do you have the technical finesse. When was the last time you reflected on your strengths and weaknesses in orienteering and made plans to exacerbate or lessen them?

I'm working on my endurance at the moment, and food/water intake during longer events and on my mental approach to passing through the control circle. What are you doing? And remember the last quote on the blog from Einstein, to paraphrase...if you do the same thing every time don't be surprised when you have similar results.

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