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Monday, 2 March 2009

Imagining being Georgiou

Now its not like I run around fondling my non existant goatee or adjusting my headband, while swearing in french (although occasionally I do sing "foux de fa fa"

But I am prone to running courses in my head. Running at Belmont Bunkers didn't appeal to me yesterday but I ran the course in my head last night and I was perfect (and much faster). Today I stumbled over this map and route on Georgiou's blog. Nothing better than trying to put yourself in the head of a champion, guess their plans and trying to identify what they would have been reading.

Here I should attack from above, here I should avoid the boulders and their restricted visibility looking for the contours instead, that single boulder tells me I am the right height, there is no good detail near the control I must compass right from the track junction to be as accurate as possible,

The last few years has seen a dramatic increase of good and topical maps available on the internet, make the most of it. Challenge yourself to plan how you would cope with a particular course...

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