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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

What was the best thing about Queens Birthday Weekend?

Today a majority of the New Zealand O Squad Blog readers return to their little hobbit holes in various parts of our fair land having braced the perils of the South Waikato. It was another extremely succesful long weekend of orienteering that saw the generational revolution of orienteering in this country tilt further on its axis. Young is now dominant (although in the guys the old elites keep winnning;-)) and the schools competition was a huge success.

At 29, this author is feeling a bit past it (he finds himself increasingly hanging out with the gray haired and bald bastards) so in the next couple of months the O Squad Blog will introduce a couple of younger more "with it" authors. (in the junior grades and like writing about orienteering get in touch!). But in the meantime though and before we get some maps scanned to discuss some of the great navigational challenges of the weekend....we are keen to get your thoughts...

What was the best thing about Queens Birthday weekend 2009?

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