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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

JWOCers off and Chris at Jukola

Over on the JWOC Squad blog, it looks like they are off. Kia kaha to you all. Give it heaps have the time of your lives! If you scroll down a bit there's an interesting article by Andrew Peat on "overtraining". That little understood phenomenom. I hope Andrews next article will be, and he would have plenty of potential interview candidates on the NZ elite scene (including yours truly), "binge training and its physiological, psycholigcal and sociological effects". But that will no doubt have to wait until he returns.

Meanwhile Chris has been at Jukola, helping his club to a great 19th place. There is an account of the final showdown between Wingstedt, Georgiou and Hubmann here and Chris's results will be here when I find some.

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