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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

NOC Reports

Lots of great reports on the Nordic Championships on both World of O, and Ultimate Orienteering. I always enjoy reading Minna Kauppi's reports for her honesty and the excuse to put up another photo from the Chris Forne collection which has somehow ended up on my harddrive.

Thats sensai Carsten Jorgenson in the background, and actually while I'm at it, I'll show you this...which I found the other day while trying to find image evidence of Carstens super hero marathon (Carsten recently completed a marathon dressed as the Norse god Thor, but was beaten by Batmans side kick Robin...what a kick in the guts for Norse gods.

Carsten and Antonia Wood in the 90's, no not the 80's!

And back to NOC, you wouldn't want to see your mistake exposed like this!!. At least they don't reveal the names of Norway 3 and Finland 2's final leg runners. And maps you want maps, the World of O map page is so awesome!

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