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Monday, 8 June 2009

"Right" not "Might"

My calf is still keeping me out of action, so at the orienteering event on Christchurch's Port Hills on Sunday I was in the role of photographer and observor.

Squad members Lara Prince, Matt Scott and Georgia Whitla plan their routes for Sundays score event. Scott is also known for being North American Champion and Whitla for reading upside down

It was interesting lurking around listening to people discussing navigation (as lots of beginners were out there in teams). One common word which got me thinking was "might".

"Those rocks might be those ones on the map there"

It is something we are all guilty of from time to time... mmm that clearing could be that one there, hopefully it will work out...but this is poor navigation, and as you progress through the grades it becomes less likely that the consequences that befall you will be acceptable. One of the key differences between a top junior and a top elite is consistency, and you get consistency not from doing what might be right, but doing what is right....

"Those rocks are those ones there, and I have a plan from here

When you find yourself thinking "maybe" or "might be" it should ring warning bells. Your granny on your shoulder (see previous posts for the creation of this image) should be flicking your ear.

"I don't want to know what it might be sonny...I want to know what it is!!

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