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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

No1 Norwegian

What is happening to Norwegian orienteering that a kiwi can be the first "Norwegian" in a Norwegian four day? Lets just say things are looking promising for WOC 2010 and a great performance from the Fornicator!

Chris and Em continue on in their indomitable style, mixing orienteering with 7 day tramps, climbing around in the Lofotens and general absurdity. Its unlikely Chris will add an orienteering world champs title to those he already owns in Adventure Racing and Rogaining, but if he did so what a triumph it will be for the spirit of the adventurous amateur munter kiwi outdoor lifestyler. Go you good things!

The blog also includes Chris's take on the World Cups, Forssa Games,Jukola and scrotum shrivelling nudity.

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