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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Arrivederci JWOC!

JWOC has wrapped up for another year. It finished with the usual finale of the relay...I couldn't resist this outstanding photo of Tom, Jourdan and others at the start! The article is published on Ultimate Orienteering.

The final results may have been somewhat sobering for the team, but as they point out on their blog, New Zealand finished as the tenth ranked country, which they must be pleased with. I look forward to their thoughts and learning experiences as their energy and perspective returns after the emotionally draining time of JWOC. I think it is also worthwhile at this stage to give a round of applause to Mark Lawson (Coach) and Norm Jager (manager) who accompanied the team. We need more people like these guys helping young New Zealand orienteers trying to be their best.

Congratulations again to the team, for having the commitment to represent us on the other side of the world and come away with some good results.

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