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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Do JWOC Organiser have better things to worry about.?

Last week I was censored for the first time. One of the chief JWOC organisers requested to the New Zealand team coach that I take down the posting (included below) that I wrote satirising the conduct of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and giving it an orienteering twist. I agreed in deference to our team.

Really though don't officials have better things to think about?

My advice, just run the event well. Get your courses right. Take care of competitors and spectators. Get the results out fast Get media coverage, good commentary, good buses etc.

Don't go round thinking you are Mussolini and you can control everyones behaviour. You are responsible for your own actions not theirs.

It is a sign of a crazy world that what an orienteering hasbeen from the other side of the world spends 5 minutes typing can cross the mind of an organiser in the middle of running one of the biggest events of their lives. And to provide some background one of the primary purposes of this blog was to laugh at ourselves as orienteers a bit. To bring in some other influences which sometimes can be lost in the orienteering lifestyle. We will continue to cover politics, infomercials, music and ridiculousness where-ever we find it.

Embattled Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi made a surprise appearance at the Junior World Orienteering Champs in Premiero today. Berlusconi is undertaking a publicity effort to improve his image which has been tarnished recently with media stories of his lavish lifestyle and friendships with young women. As part of his support for JWOC he has donated genuine gold, silver and bronze medals. These were presented today to the winners of the womens long distance event.

After inviting the medal winners to an aftermatch party Berlusconi joked that, "it is right. Real silver medals, and I am Silvio. In the township of Premiero, and I am premier!".

The Junior World Championship will continue with middle distance and relay events over the next days. Berlusconi could not confirm whether he would be attending again. Organisers expressed some concern, worried that his presence may take away the focus from the young athletes and turn the event into a media circus.

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